The Secrets of Successful Sharing

The Facilitator Training

Learn Clear, Effective Communication at Home & Work
Create More Harmonious Relations in Career & Family
Express Your Real Self with Joy and Ease

Have you ever wanted to express yourself in a clear, concise and confident manner? Have you desired the ability to convey your heart and soul to friends, family or the public in a graceful, loving and effective way?

Keith Varnum’s dynamic workshop “The Facilitator Training: Secrets of Successful Sharing” offers easy, dependable skills to empower you to masterfully facilitate any presentation you undertake, personal or professional.

In this powerful training, Keith demonstrates proven, structured strategies for designing conducive formats, developing dynamic content and delivering profound results in all forms of communication in all types of human interaction.

With a degree in communications and public speaking from the University of Michigan, Keith trains you to combine heart-centered facilitating with state-of-the-art coaching to affect people on all energy levels simultaneously and therefore, lastingly. Drawing from his thirty years experience as a successful workshop leader, radio host, meditation instructor, business entrepreneur, healer, counselor, author and filmmaker, Keith’s multi-chakra, inter-sensory model of presentation transforms every aspect of a person’s being in a balanced and coordinated manner from the cellular and physical to the spiritual and emotional.

This professional-level training centers on optimizing people’s mastery by having them demonstrate and practice each new skill as they learn it. Participants anchor in a real model of themselves when they are performing excellently at peak levels. These ancient, universal principles work magic on every stage of human endeavor, from the meeting room to the kitchen table, from the office space to the healing place. Also, the depth of this high-involvement, high-content, high-impact seminar gives people the ability to make a great living out in the world sharing their special gifts and talents.

Keith’s approach to personal dynamics is unique. The model he offers is a synergistic combination of leading-edge communications science with time-tested indigenous techniques of tribal and ancient peoples. “One who masters the way energy flows, masters the flow of human interaction,” Keith quotes the spiritual masters with whom he has apprenticed, “Discover the power and peace in following the guidance of the River of Life.”

The multi-dimensional training emphasizes using direct, intuitive communication from soul to soul, bypassing the filters and fears of people’s personality and undermining the foundation of people’s outdated paradigms and limitations. Trainees learn to coordinate their sharings with the wisdom of Spirit Guides, conjure success with Intentional Magic and create miracles with the conscious use of Synchronicity.

Participants master the use of the “Reflective Mirror of the Audience” to transform any situation on the spot. They learn to think and respond to the present reality, rather than to the past illusion, and to utilize the art of improvisation, fast adjustment and rapid adaptation.

The training fosters the Tao of Leadership in each participant to cultivate authentic, effective self-expression and self-discovery. Trainees learn to add intrigue and liveliness, humor and play, and appreciation and celebration to their sharings for optimal effect. They learn to read and respond to people’s unconscious, nonverbal messages and spot their own inconsistent messages. They practice matching their “speaking” style with the “listening” and “learning” style of each audience.

From this training participants bring home the increased ability to shift any situation, to show up with confidence, competence and compassion in interacting with others, and to stay grounded, centered and therefore, effective in all situations.

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