Keith’s Adventure with Matrix Energetics!

By Keith Varnum

Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing and transformation developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett.

It is radically different from any other transformational modality I’ve ever experienced. To me, it’s an absorption of a space. A sacred space of oneness, connection—and, therefore, a space of transformation and infinite possibility.

It’s a pathway to transformation. This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality.

I would say it’s an ultimate distillation of the same practices healers and shamans have been always employing. I’ve lived many years with many different shamans, medicine people and native healers—spending years absorbing firsthand the energy and magic of their transformative ways. Arising from the same spirit of all my spiritual teachers, I find this approach to be a more simple, quick, and profound alchemical tool. Plus it’s very easy and playful!

Matrix Energetics itself is not a technique but a consciousness shift. And it’s a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It’s a fun, exciting new approach to transforming anything in your life. This approach operates in a new paradigm utilizing the science of subtle energy and quantum physics. It’s a transferable and teachable phenomenon that has a physical and observable effect every time.

Not only do you learn to think outside of the box, you begin to suspect that the box doesn’t really even exist. When you see your world with new eyes, your life takes on new colorations and hues. Maybe there really is a pot of gold at the end of your own personal rainbow!

I was a driven to explore Matrix Energetics because I had tooth and jaw pain that wouldn’t go away. After pulling the tooth didn’t relieve the pain, I used every trick in my vast bag of healing tools to resolve this pain left in my jaw and remaining teeth.

After a year of constant pain, I was desperate enough to seek a new path to transformation. I prayed for something, anything, that would work. I did become very open. Matrix Energetics came along in the form of Richard Bartlett’s first book, “Matrix Energetics, the Science and Art of Transformation.”

In the book Richard states that you can learn this fresh approach from reading the book. I couldn’t imagine that was true. But, sure enough, after reading the book on an airplane flying to a workshop of mine in Milwaukee, I was able to successfully use the approach with everyone I practiced it on in Milwaukee! Over 40 people! Personally, my jaw pain eased significantly right away.

After such a surprising result with the material form the book, I took the basic Matrix Energetics training two weeks later. A training that just happened to be in my hometown of Phoenix when I returned form Milwaukee. During the playshop, my one-year jaw pain nightmare resolved completely—never to return! I was so grateful that I jumped into doing Matrix Energetics with as many folks as I could.

My clients now number in the hundreds and everyone has expressed satisfaction with their experience with Matrix Energetics. Most, like me, are ecstatic with the results. From physical to emotional issues, financial to spiritual concerns, this system has been able to greatly help me—and everyone I’ve shared it with so far.

I myself have gained immense new levels of clarity and joy. I have more and more energy every day since I did the first training. I’ve attracted flurries of new clients with ease. Every day I awaken asking, “What new, fun surprises does the Universe have in store for me today!”

Of course, my income of money—and love—is increasing weekly, but the most exciting new phenomenon is the fresh and unexpected ways that show up to support me in my life. After 40 years of transformational work, I’ve encountered a myriad of inventive ways the Universe assists people on their life journey.

And yet since I started practicing Matrix Energetics I’m being blessed with the most creative, magical and unique ways of being helped. Ways I could never imagine or make up. For example, my retired next door neighbor is painting my large house for free. “I need something to keep me busy,” he explained when asking if he could paint my house. As a gift, another neighbor repaired my property’s 20-year-old extensive underground irrigation system—and re-landscaped my yard! “I enjoy finding excuses to work outside,” he professed. And out of the blue, an old friend called to tell me “you need a new website design. I’ll create one for you at no charge.” I could go on and on. What a daily delight!

A Matrix Energetics session creates a unique and magical environment in which anything is possible! You shed your preconceptions and limiting concepts to enter a highly supportive playground for your consciousness.

Once your rational left brain realizes that the Matrix Energetics process is based on key concepts in Quantum Physics, some of the “old guard” mind can let go of it’s precarious hold on reality. This old, narrow, limited perspective is replaced with an often gleeful—and frequently outrageous—sense of fun.

My clients and I are often pleasantly surprised at how our problems seem less demanding and overwhelming after spending an hour immersed in the expansive adventure of creating new solutions to old, outmoded ways of thinking and being.

Keith is a Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

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