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Discover how spirit gets you out of trouble when you follow your heart

The Secret of the 7 Sacred Pools

Keith gets hoodwinked into joining a controlling cult. A stranger, Joe, saves Keith from this fanatical sect. On a hiking trip Keith tries desperately to avoid being outted as a “spiritual” person by his new friend. Joe dives 40 feet into a deep gorge and comes up with his wrist broken in two places with bones piercing through the skin. Keith discovers his alchemical gifts when Spirit tricks him into instantaneously healing Joe’s wrist. Both boys are spring-boarded into life-long careers as spiritual healers.

Angels Save Keith from Certain Death

Driving alone cross-country, Keith gets stranded in a blinding blizzard in the Grand Teton Mountains of Wyoming. Abandoning his car that is quickly disappearing under a snowdrift, Keith surrenders to the mounting fury and his inevitable cold dark fate. Lying on the ground in his grave of snow, Keith spies a faint light in the distance through the night blackness. Crawling towards the dim glow, Keith comes upon a fire-warmed cabin and a cherubic old couple who feed him a piping hot meal of his favorite foods. These two overly hospitable strangers welcome Keith with the curious, unlikely greeting, “We’ve been expecting you.” Twenty years later, Keith discovers that he actually underwent a classic spiritual initiation that night in the cabin in the wilderness.

Hidden Mysteries of Hawaii

After spending his last $5 on food, Keith’s life long dream of traveling to Hawaii magically comes true. But his bus trip to the famous North Shore to see the surfers ride 50-foot waves comes to an abrupt halt. An old, short native man gets off the bus in the middle of a remote rain forest. Keith then finds himself being mysteriously pulled off the bus by an invisible force and propelled to follow the native deep into the jungle. This Hawaiian Kahuna (medicine man) entrusts Keith with ancient secret spiritual practices that Keith now teaches in workshops around the world.

Later Keith ends up on a tropical mountaintop without any food or water. He then makes an amazing discovery. The rainforest readily provides him with all he can eat and drink without him needing to move an inch. In his mystical revelation, Keith realizes that we, as children of the Earth and God, are always taken care of.

From another mountain peak, Keith gazes down on infamous Pearl Harbor culminating a synchronistic, telepathic connection with his old friends back in Boston.

As Keith tries to leave Hawaii, a corpse blocks his way, saving him from joining another nefarious cult.

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