CD 2




4 real life adventures that demonstrate
how you can create what you want in life

The Case of the Disappearing Storyteller

An ancient Native American Medicine Man materializes out of thin air in front of Keith while Keith is exploring a remote Indian Ruin. A hundred canyon-like lines etched the old man’s noble, bronze face. He shares how a thousand years ago his tribe created the tribe’s whole year’s food supply in one sacred ceremony. In this once-a-year ritual, warriors communicated with the spirits of deer, antelope and buffalo that they will kill in the coming year. The mystical storyteller dematerializes in front of Keith’s eyes after he delivers his empowering message of how the Hopi magically create their reality.

The Kosmic Lady Rescues Keith’s Career

It’s Keith’s first big profession talk. With no time to spare to reach his destination, Keith’s plane is grounded. All alternative planes are full. An angel in the form of a young girl helps Keith fly to San Francisco just to find that nobody’s showed up for his talk. Keith is distraught. He feels his whole career is going down the drain because it’s gotten off to a lousy start. One person does show up for his lecture—an old ex-hippy woman in a dress made of beads and feathers. But obviously that’s not enough people to make the evening a success. So the mystery lady magically fills Keith’s seminar room with people and launches him on a life-long successful career as a seminar leader.

Intuition Saves Keith from Two Earthquakes

Can a strong intention keep you safe in this dangerous world? Surviving two giant earthquakes brings home to Keith that it his consciousness that ensures his survival. Journey with Keith through two massive tremors and see how the power of intuition saves Keith’s butt!

How to Attract a Celebrity in Central Park

Running into the famous TV comedian Sid Caesar in New York’s Central Park was just a coincidence … or was it? Could a group of people sharing stories of how much they enjoyed Sid Caesar’s comedy have something to do with it? Could all the love and attention focused on Sid Caesar actually bring him into physical being? 

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