CD 3




We all possess extraordinary natural spiritual abilities
that can be developed at will in creative and fun ways

Trapped with ET’s

As a filmmaker, Keith becomes the subject of a much grander picture show than he ever scripted. He undergoes a mystical initiation with a secret intergalactic society who reveal the true hidden history of civilization. Keith explores soul travel, astral projection, the Akashic Records, his past and future lifetimes, and how to open the chakras and heal disease.

Plants & Rocks That Talk

“Do you know that plants don’t really need soil, water or air to grow?” said the Nature Spirits in Keith’s vegetable garden to him. “The truth is we are sentient spiritual beings. We grow and thrive by the consciousness and love from humans.”

After visiting Zen rock gardens for eight months, Keith finally hears a boulder speak. What does a stone have to say that will “rock your world?”

Secret Midnight Rendezvous

Through secret midnight rendezvous with the wife of his spiritual teacher in the rainforest, Keith discovers how beer and watermelon can help you attain spiritual enlightenment.

A Lesson in Levitation

As his spiritual teacher floats four feet above the stage in front of 500 people, Keith waves his hand underneath Michio’s levitating body. Keith desperately wants to make sure that what he’s witnessing is real … and that he’s not losing his mind!

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