CD 4




How to bend time & space for fun & entertainment 

Keith Pops In & Out of a Crime Scene

Keith is so absorbed in discussing the possibility of parallel universes that he doesn’t notice the restaurant he’s in being robbed by two armed men. While clearing the diner of all patrons, the police don’t notice Keith. As they scour the crime scene for clues, the cops finally see Keith sitting at the table he’s been at throughout entire incident. The police think Keith is an accessory to the crime. What else could they think when Keith accidentally transforms from invisible to visible smack in the middle of their investigation?

Betwixt & Between Different Worlds

Keith watches in awe as two different worlds co-exist at the same time in the same space. A broken air conditioner forces Keith to move his workshop group outside the clubhouse to the pool area. In disbelief Keith watches his workshop participants act out their life dramas swearing and screaming at each other in the midst of sunbathers who are peacefully unaware of the commotion. You’d expect both groups of people to be bothered by the other group, but they didn’t even notice each other!

Where Suds & Buds Never Meet

Keith’s workshop group is enjoying a peaceful meditation in the clubhouse. Boisterous drunks traipse in and out all afternoon to get their cold beer from the only refrigerator near the pool. Certain that he’s about to face the wrath of angry disturbed participants, Keith is surprised that none of the participants notice any of the interruptions–or even hear the crash when the boozers break several bottles of beer. 

Keith Survives a 600 Foot Fall

Keith’s whole life flashes before him as he begins sliding down a 600-foot cliff to his probable death! As Keith careens down the sheer rock face, a disincarnate voice shouts to Keith, “Lie flat!”   Crashing into a pool of water at the bottom of the gorge, Keith finds that he’s totally unharmed. A strong intention is more powerful than the apparent physics of the universe.

E.T. to the Rescue

Just before Keith arrives to take his 7-year-old friend to the movies, she severely burns her finger on a toaster. With the skin pealing off her finger, the child runs waling to Keith in tears. The child allows Keith to gently touch the end of her finger, as he whispers, “Just like E.T. did in the movie.” In a few minutes she shouts with glee, “My finger is new again!” The pain is gone, the skin is healed—like no burn ever took place.

Time Jumping to Heal a Cut Finger

Rushing to eat before he leaves for the airport, Keith badly slices his finger with a knife. In pain and with blood spurting everywhere, Keith screams “Nooooooooooooooooo!” and “accidentally” time travels to a time right before the mishap occurred. Suddenly Keith finds himself in the kitchen, his finger whole and unscathed, with no trace of blood anywhere.

A Cancer-free Reality

With only 3 weeks to live, John calls his brother Keith for help. Paralyzed by an untreatable cancerous tumor in his brain stem, John is sent home to die by his doctors. Discover what the power of love between two brothers can do to thwart death.

What Really Heals People?

When Keith commits acupuncture heresy by treating all ailments with the same acupuncture points, his patients heal even faster. With the help of his trickster spiritual teacher, Keith uncovers the true source of all healing.
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