CD 6 



Meet a parade of magical characters who make up the energetic world
behind the scenes of what we call hardcore reality

Indiana Jones & the Exploding Volcano

A local restaurant owner in Costa Rica tricks Keith and Rob into taking a path through the fog that leads to the mouth of a live volcano. Sure enough, the volcano explodes into a fiery inferno two miles high. A sharp electric terror shoots through every cell of Keith’s body. Its message was explicit and commanding: “Leave now! You must go now to save your life!” As the searing heat of the erupting plume strips every tree bare of every branch, Rob inexplicably refuses to leave the mouth of the volcano.

Keith Heals Himself of Blindness

As a filmmaker in college Keith totally loses his eyesight. No doctors could help. For several weeks, Keith didn’t want to live as a blind person. Through playing the guitar and talking to a mysterious presence in the room, Keith finds a way out of his darkness. What deal did Keith strike with God that brought back his vision?

The Feathered Prisoners of Costa Rica

Keith encounters colorful toucans on exhibit at a country inn in Costa Rica. The incarceration had rendered the once vibrant birds withdrawn and lifeless captives. Their eyes cried this piercing question just as the same bewilderment echoes from the dull gaze of every animal in every zoo: “Why would any being with heart ever drive the dagger of imprisonment into the heart of another being?”

How a Volcano Would Save the World

The spirit of a live volcano tells Keith how he can open his heart and change his life. The consciousness of the erupting volcano shares a secret about how to go about creating a world of health, happiness and harmony. The direct transmission Keith receives from the volcano and all the other creatures of Costa Rica is that fundamental life force energy is as available to us humans as it is to them. The Hawaiian volcano Goddess Pele tells Keith that human structures are not as real or substantial as the energy of the volcano and other natural elements. Human concepts and attempts to try to dominate nature are no match for the raw, creative primal power of natural vigor.

Behind the Scenes in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

On the set of the fabled TV show, some of the stagehands make fun of Mr. Rogers behind his back. The macho guys seem threatened by Mr. Rogers’ gentle ways. Yet when no one else is around these same detractors spill their guts to the puppets, asking for advice about the most intimate aspects of their lives. These men know full well that the hand moving the puppets and the voices counseling them is the same man they mock in secret.

The Mind Creates Its Own Worst Fear

Sleeping in a tent in the wilderness, Gary awakens from an apparent nightmare screaming that he’s being viciously attacked by a wild animal. Keith’s flashlight reveals a bloody gash on Gary’s hand. The boys search the tent thoroughly. There’s no animal in the completely sealed tent. And there’s no hole or way an animal could have gotten in or out. So, what did maul Gary’s hand?

Leaping into the Arms of Neptune

Plunging off the cliff’s edge into the shadowy darkness of the tumultuous ocean, knifelike boulders and a treacherous undertow await Keith. But the Spirit of the Sea is about to impart valuable life lessons that Keith will later use to heal people.

The Plant Deva Speaks

How do you open to communicating with fairies, angels and nature devas? Why don’t some people see and hear the spirits of plants? A helpful plant provides insight with a provocative question, “If you saw or felt a nature spirit, would you tell anyone?”

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