Vibrational Abundance

is having what you choose in life!

Powerful Tools to raise your vibration.
Raise your vibration, you attract fun, easy abundance.

Keith Varnum has spent 40 years mastering ancient and modern techniques for increasing prosperity through increasing your Personal Vibration.

Using Vibrational Abundance, you:

  • Step into your power
  • Transform fear into courage
  • Shift from seeking to having
  • Learn to give and receive freely
  • Do what you love for your livelihood

At one point in my life I didn’t have enough money to buy a postage stamp, let alone pay a bill. I’m now very grateful for that time of scarcity. Why? Because not having money to pay for things by the usual means of cash or credit, I was forced to look for ways to pay my bills outside the box—outside the old paradigm.

This challenge compelled me to learn magic … Vibrational Abundance!

I found that creating in my life using the magic of Vibrational Attraction is easier and more fun than the hard work, effort way.

Money as Your Highest Expression

The Vibrational Abundance workshop provides the opportunity to look deeply at who you are. You explore how the highest aspirations of your soul can be supported and nurtured by money, rather than subverted by the constant anxiety and quest for money that is the product of our consumer culture.

You will transform how you relate to money so that you are freed from constraints, misunderstandings and wounds—feelings we all have about money that limit and oppress us all.

Master the ability to:

  • Turn passion into a paycheck
  • Use your genius to create the life you choose
  • Attract money with your natural unique talents
  • Work less hours and earn as much as you choose
  • Transform anxiety-producing feelings into money-generating energy

By looking closely at your own “financial story” and the ways your beliefs have limited and constricted you in your relationship with money, you are empowered to use money as an expression of your highest values and aspirations. You re-write your “Money Story” – the way you think, feel and create money in your world.

Abundance is a Way of Living

True abundance goes far beyond the art of sourcing money. We usually consider abundance to be material wealth. Yes, and it also means emotional well-being and spiritual fulfillment. And the ability to fully experience—and share—love and joy. True fortune is the art of knowing how to live.

The Vibrational Abundance workshop is designed to increase your prosperity vibration on all levels at the same time—body, mind and spirit. When every level of your being and life shifts simultaneously to a new higher level of abundance, you can stay at that higher vibration for good!

Vibrational Abundance gives you the way to:

  • Draw money to you easily
  • Fulfill your innermost desires
  • Catapult your career into full gear
  • Profit from greater creative expression

Proven Tools to Increase Your Happiness:

  • Newly revealed ancient techniques
  • Previously secret traditional methods
  • Modern empowerment discoveries

You’ll learn:

  • The Doorway to Riches
  • The Key to Money Magnetism
  • The Path to Financial Freedom
  • The Secrets of Wealth Generation
  • The Missing Link to a Happier Life
  • The Power of Prosperity Consciousness

You’ll take home:

  • Practical strategies for attracting wealth
  • Ways to increase the flow of money in your life
  • Tools to create your Wealth Vision in your life
  • Techniques to keep sharp clarity and focus
  • Methods to source your own abundance

“Mana” fest what you desire

In the Vibrational Abundance workshop, I share the ancient Hawaiian way to “Mana” fest abundance that I was taught by my Kahuna teacher. This skill is the key to creating the results you want in your life.

Mana stems from Hawaiian meaning pure power, creative energy. intention.
Fest comes from a Latin word meaning festival, feast, celebration.

So, Manifest means to create a festival of pure intention.

Most of the time, when we try to manifest what we want in life, we use our minds—and naturally so because that’s what we learned from our families, schooling and society. But when we manifest from our mind only, we miss the crucial ingredient that all creation comes from. That’s the “Mana” that the Hawaiians so elegantly teach us to remember. “Mana” is a Hawaiian word that means pure energy, pure spirit, right from the Source. There’s a place where the key to our “Mana” resides. And that space lies within your Heart.

The True Meaning of Abundance:

Abundance derives from a Latin word meaning to overflow.
Prosperity comes from a Latin word to be fortunate, flourishing, happy.
Wealth stems from an Old English word meaning well or well-being.
Rich originates from the Old English rice meaning strong, powerful.

So, Abundance means flowing happy, healthy strength!

The Vibrational Abundance workshop is Practical, Powerful & Playful

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