Be a Miracle Maker!

The true secret to getting everything you want in life—love, money, success and more—is easier than you imagine!

Author Keith Varnum was a young, budding filmmaker. Then he went totally blind. On his journey back to full sight, Keith discovers the key to physical healing and the secret to creating whatever you want in the world—money, love, health and success. His greatest breakthrough, however, lies in offering you an easy way to grasp and use this secret in your everyday life.

The miracle of all people’s innate, limitless potential is spelled out in the provocative tales of Varnum’s own metamorphosis from darkness to light. Chock-full of riveting escapades, the inspirational book chronicles how the author develops his inner guidance to lead him from mediocrity to extraordinary power and wisdom. By learning to listen to his inner self, he evokes uncanny intuition. Varnum shows how all human beings can do the same to conquer their greatest fears, soar above the ordinary and reach their heart’s desire. The book’s forty-eight personal experience stories illustrate how miracles flow when you follow your inner counsel to bring your dreams to life.

This book is “The Celestine Prophesy Meets Conversations with God”—wild, captivating adventures lead to life-changing spiritual insights. In this case, the exciting exploits are firsthand, true encounters of the author.

Teenagers fall from a 600-foot cliff sustaining only tiny scratches. Vegetables grow healthy and strong in the desert with no water. A young man’s broken wrist heals instantly in front of a dozen witnesses. A person is close to dying from a paralyzing golfball-sized brain tumor. Doctors give up all hope of recovery. A few days later every sign of the disease has disappeared. What’s going on here?

The startling answers to these miraculous experiences of the author—and to countless other life mysteries—are revealed in this book. As millions of Americans search as never before for some reassurance and control over their safety and fate, Varnum’s real-life adventures offer an innovative approach to dealing with life’s basic challenges—security, relationships, harmony, and financial power.

From the heart-warming stories of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood puppets to the heart-pounding escapades at an erupting volcano, you will discover that the meaning of life is not what you think!

Using a fresh, breakthrough blend of classic storytelling and cutting-edge learning technology, Varnum empowers you to tap into your natural creative ability to attract safety, well-being and abundance. He shows you how to use your personal built-in guidance system to unlock your natural gifts with ease and wisdom. You will discover the key principles used by the richest, healthiest and happiest people on the planet. And, believe it or not, they can work for you just as easily. These methods of conveying wisdom in an engaging, entertaining and effective way have been tested and proved for years in Varnum’s experiential workshops. The methods work. The book works!

The author has perfected his practical life strategies as a therapist, filmmaker, author, acupuncturist, radio host, gourmet chef, restaurateur, VP of a multi-million dollar company and international seminar leader with his Dream Workshops. After a thirty-year career of helping others through workshops and tapes, Varnum shares for the first time in print the secrets of his own motivating journey to the magic of his inner core. He emphasizes, “The message of my book is that the ‘Inner Coach’ can be used by anyone to live, play and work in much more powerful, productive and profound ways. Tapping the success strategies of ancient traditions and modern science, this practical guide can be used to improve health, wealth and relationships.”

The purpose of the book is to bridge the gap between ordinary and extraordinary in the minds and lives of the readers. Varnum relates his personal explorations in a way that opens you to the truth that these extraordinary feats are equally possible for so-called “ordinary” human beings. Varnum’s sense of humor sprinkled throughout the book renders the tales even more enjoyable. This book opens a whole new world of possibilities. If you want a greater awareness of your unlimited potential, if you want to wake up to the extraordinary truth of who you are, if you want to read entrancing, entertaining stories along the way—then reading Inner Coach: Outer Power is just the book to satisfy you.

This book is for anybody who wants more love in life, who yearns for a fulfilling job or who seeks a purpose beyond the mundane. The book can jumpstart your life with new inspiration and serve as a guided tour of the innermost mysteries of your heart and mind. It can unlock the reservoir of motivation to uncap a free flow of miracles into your life.