What Readers Say

The stories in your book Inner Coach: Outer Power are compelling. Your spiritual experiences deliver important messages for anyone trying to understand the metaphysical world—even when it meant exposing your fears, admitting your mistakes, and revealing your human weaknesses. In my opinion, that takes courage! If more people in your profession were willing to climb down from their ivory towers and admit the road to spirituality is not some mystical journey just for the chosen few, the evolution of the human race would soar. So many people want to grasp a broader scope of spirituality. Your book will help them reach that understanding.

—Candice DeBarr, Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks so very much for your magnificent book! I read one story so far and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the rest! The first person I showed it to was my roommate and she wants to order one! It called to her! I know you will be a huge success! I’ll keep sharing it with friends! Blessings!

—Ellen Hicks, New Orleans, LA

I’ve read a thousand metaphysical-healing-spiritual books. Your book is the best! It’s wonderful. It should be read by everyone! I’ve learned so many valuable things from it. Thanks for writing the book. Your “Inner Coach” book is going to make my life so much better.

—Edwin Herman, Baltimore, MD

Your new book is the most wonderful read I’ve had in a long time. The stories make for much better understanding than I had before. I’m so often giggling with insight and at the same time seeing the necessity of taking another step in living my dream! Bless you, Keith, and thanks so much!

—Paul Gardner, Milwaukee, WI

I opened your book at random and read. I was so inspired. Your tales are not just stories. They are truly portals. And they are really potent! I liked your comments on what your experiences mean to you and your advice on how they can assist others. You’ve done a fantastic thing here. I can feel how powerful this book can be for others all over the world. And on the surface it’s just a fun book of stories!! I’d like to order four more copies of the book.

—Altonah Lampe, Sedona, AZ

The book is wonderful! I am about half way through it. I know great things will come about in your life for all the “sharing” you have done! I love everything about it.

—Helen Young, Eufala, AL

My copy arrived Wednesday! Thank you so much! I’m thrilled with it. Your new book is so good, I want all my friends to know about it! I highly recommend the writing and the adventures.

—Marcia Novak, Phoenix, AZ

Your book is gorgeous, I mean gorgeous!!! I love the cover and all the words on it! Great job. I have begun reading it and the first few pages are very compelling. I am sure it will be a huge hit.

—Glen McCafferty, Atlanta, GA

Hey, Keith, I got the book already. Great cover, even better insides.

—Eric Reed, Tallahassee, FL