Midwest Book Review

September 9, 2002

“An insightful, accessible, meaningful guide”

“Inner Coach: Outer Power” by Keith Varnum is a self-help book about connecting with one’s inner self, and the memories of childhood, to find one’s path and better embrace, experience, and enjoy the present day.

Popular culture icons such as the “E.T.” movie, Indiana Jones, and Mr. Rogers are offered as metaphors and reference points to guide the reader down the path to self-acceptance, self-improvement and higher fulfillment.

“Inner Coach: Outer Power” is recommended for inclusion into any self-help, self-improvement reading list and reference collection as an insightful, accessible, meaningful guide.

– James Cox, Editor-in-Chief

The Small Press Book Review

“Inner Coach: Outer Power” by Keith Varnum

Varnum describes himself as a “soul consultant” who helps individuals get in touch with their desires and define their goals, and then develop a strategy for spiritual and personal growth based on these. The source of his teaching others is his own experience in his earlier life of looking around his world “for examples of people who know how to free themselves from tribal collective limitations—mainstream cultural beliefs—in order to access fresh possibilities of human potential.” Teachers, friends, acquaintances, and even sometimes strangers offered Varnum what he was looking for. He also learned about developing his and others’ potential from being sensitive to nature and from his own studies, introspection, and counseling others. Varnum’s exceptional and enriching openness to all aspects of his life is reflected in the style of “Inner Coach, Outer Power”—it’s part autobiography, self-help, vignettes, and portraits of varied persons.

Varnum’s book offers enlightened advise along the lines of the self-help genre. But more than this, it is an engaging tale of how the author “looked around” in his own life for examples he could learn important spiritual and practical lessons from. Open to all aspects of life in order to learn important spiritual and practical lessons lost to most people, Varnum holds himself out as an example of how to assimilate diverse positive lessons gained from others and to keep the focus necessary for the reader to reach her or his aims.

– Henry Berry, Book Reviewer

Kaleidoscope Magazine

October 2002

Reading “Inner Coach: Outer Power” has been an adventure in itself for me. Keith Varnum is a talented storyteller who’s had scores of remarkable exploits. Varnum relates his personal explorations in a way that opens readers to the truth that these extraordinary feats are equally possible for so-called “ordinary” human beings. Varnum’s sense of humor sprinkled throughout the book renders the tales even more enjoyable for me.

As I revel in the escapades the author describes, I’m amazed that they are so miraculous. Many phenomena he’s discovered I’ve yet to encounter in my life . . . however, my intuition knows these deeds are plausible. And, if one person can experience them, so can others . . . like me! This book has opened me to a whole new world of possibilities!

In telling these stories, Varnum empowers and encourages other people who’ve had similar occurrences, but hesitated to share them for fear of appearing “crazy.” When these people read Varnum’s book, they realize they aren’t “crazy,” nor are they alone in experiencing these unusual events.

I loved having an “inside look” at Mr. Rogers, Helen Hayes and other vibrant people who quietly and powerfully live from their spirits. I relished the stories that convey the lessons that can be learned from nature—plants, animals, rocks, water—and from nonphysical beings. And I got a thrill peeking into other dimensions!

I’ve published a number of excerpts from “Inner Coach: Outer Power” in Kaleidoscope magazine. I’ve received more positive, enthusiastic responses from readers regarding Keith Varnum’s writing than for any other writer.

If you want a greater awareness of your unlimited potential, if you want to wake up to the extraordinary truth of who you are, if you want to read entrancing, entertaining stories along the way—then reading “Inner Coach: Outer Power” is just the book to satisfy you.

– Judee Pouncey, Book Editor, Kaleidoscope Magazine

Concepts Magazine

October 2002

“Inner Coach: Outer Power” by Keith Varnum

When extreme circumstances demand action, paranormal abilities arise from normal folks. Women lift two-ton trucks until their child or loved one is freed from beneath the vehicle. Men lead victims to safety through burning buildings. Given a medical death sentence, people heal themselves spontaneously. “Where do humans get the power and knowledge to perform such feats?”

With “Inner Coach: Outer Power,” Keith Varnum brings together a collection of 48 stand-alone stories of true and miraculous experiences. Keith found that the common denominator in all these stories and others like them is the ability of the persons to free themselves from the collective tribal limitation in order to access fresh possibilities. The riveting tales of these true experiences make the impossible possible, the supernatural natural.

In this book Mr. Varnum has applied his thirty year career in the service of others. He shares the secrets of all people’s innate, limitless potential. “Inner Coach: Outer Power” offers ways to shift illness into wellness, conflict into harmony and to discover the key principles needed to create health, happiness and peace. Reach now beyond your perceived boundaries. Let these stories inspire you to live beyond your own self-created limits!

Napra Review Magazine

Nov/Dec 2002

“Inner Coach: Outer Power” by Keith Varnum

The title—referring to the powerful wisdom and magic conjured when we listen to and harness

our inner knowing—is the key to an amazing potential. Describing supernatural events, extrasensory exploits, and paranormal powers, the author’s stories of how his inner coach aids him in manifesting outer power reads a bit like an Indiana Jones action adventure for the New Age. Some readers may be convinced that these things could never happen to them, but my advice is to enjoy the excitement and try opening to the suggested possibilities. Starting with an expanded view of physics, Varnum encourages readers to see out-of-body travel, journeys with extraterrestrials, levitation, and plants that talk as everyday realities. His experiences with rebirthing, angelic visitations, parallel realities, and meetings with the ascended master, St. Germain, pay push the envelope for what we consider to be normal but, the author promises, these fantastic examples of outer power become commonplace when we tune in to our inner coach.


In this self-help book, the author relates his life experiences from the point-of-view of his inner coach, his real self. According to Varnum, his rendition is the same as everyone else’s story; every inner coach has the same story. Every spirit is on an identical spiritual journey. Thus, this book is his expression of what he calls “the One Story.”

The message proposed within its pages is not new. Numerous writings are published yearly on how to set aside the conscious self and follow the innate knowledge of the spiritual self. This is not an easy task, but if accomplished, the person suddenly is blessed with amazing powers ‹ the ability to heal, attract phenomenal abundance, and encounter metaphysical miracles. The lure of Varnum’s book is how much farther he has progressed in his lifetime compared to others who have written similar material.

Each chapter of this unusual book relates a personal adventure where the author listens to and follows the urgings of his inner coach. The results are astonishing as well as fascinating to read. Varnum has traveled outside of his body, met extraterrestials, learned to levitate, spoken with plants and animals, communed with the dead, enjoyed a near-Death experience, performed numerous healings, and much more. Through his efforts, he proves all humans can possess the same extraordinary powers if they cast away old beliefs, and surrender to their inner coaches.

To the uninitiated, some of the subjects discussed might appear preposterous at first, but as one follows the well-woven thread of this book, the reader becomes intrigued and abandons all skepticism. Humans are indeed more than they think, and every person has the ability to feel truly joyous and free. The Meaning of Life is not what we perceive; it is so much more. This book teaches what we really are, and how to achieve our true destiny.

– Aimé Merizon, Senior Editor


Inner Coach: Outer Power by Keith Varnum

New and captivating is the author’s stimulating approach. Untamed by daily structure, his real teaching adventures help you create the miracle of personal dream fulfillment. Includes ancient and modern success secrets from spiritual masters, shamans, angels, nature devas, spirit animals, spirit guides, Hopi Indians, 9/11 insight, and much more.

Noteworthy: fresh revelation illustrating that “the meaning of life” is not what you think. The enthralling true stories fling open the mind to your “built-in guidance system.” Empowering you to use these creative powers for healing and abundance, the “Tapping Primal Life Force” model is new and noteworthy in “wildly” challenging conditioning and freely moving beyond it.

The reason this book rises above other exceptional works rests not only in its uniqueness, but also in the quality and relevance of its content. For example, a person with no hope of recovery from a golfball-sized brain tumor, according to doctors, is suddenly and completely healed. Teenagers fall off a 600-foot cliff and sustain only scratches. This work provides startling answers to real miracles, and reveals 48 riveting, but uplifting, true-life stories experienced by the author.

Keith Varnum uses a new, exciting approach to classic story telling and learning techniques. The reader will discover that the meaning of true reality is not what most think, and the evidence of this abounds in stories which include heart-to-heart communications, mind-body connections, and secrets of extra-sensory awareness and spontaneous healing.

Varnum draws on the energies of ancient spiritual traditions, and he cured himself of blindness. He enjoys a 30+ year career as a therapist, filmmaker, author, acupuncturist, and VP of a large corporation. His “Dream Workshops” are conducted internationally.

  • – Bernie Nelson, Senior Editor