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Let Your “Inner Coach” Release the Miracles Inside of You!

Phoenix, AZ–After Keith Varnum cured himself of blindness, the self-styled visionary began teaching others how to heal themselves and fulfill their wildest dreams. The miracle of all people’s innate, limitless potential is spelled out in the provocative true stories of Varnum’s own metamorphosis from darkness to light in his new book entitled Inner Coach: Outer Power.

Chock-full of riveting escapades, the inspirational book chronicles how the author develops his inner guidance to lead him from mediocrity to extraordinary power and wisdom. By learning to listen to his inner self, he evokes uncanny intuition. Varnum shows how all human beings can do the same to conquer their greatest fears, soar above the ordinary and reach their heart’s desire. The book’s forty-eight personal experience stories illustrate how miracles flow when people follow their inner counsel to bring their dreams to life.

The author has tested his practical life strategies as a therapist, filmmaker, author, acupuncturist, radio host, gourmet chef, restaurateur, VP of a multi-million dollar company and international seminar leader with his Dream Workshops. After a thirty-year career of helping others through workshops and tapes, Varnum shares for the first time in print the secrets of his own motivating journey to the magic of his inner core. He emphasizes, “The message of my book is that the ‘Inner Coach’ can be used by anyone to live, play and work in much more powerful, productive and profound ways. Tapping the success strategies of ancient traditions and modern science, this practical guide can be used to improve business, health, wealth and relationships.”

From the most humble to the most erudite, people from all backgrounds respond to Keith Varnum’s principles. Margaret Mears, M.D., founder of Write from the Heart creative writing seminars characterizes the book as “a compelling account of one man’s journey . . . that inspires courage—your courage.” Neale Donald Walsch, author of best-selling Conversations with God calls the book “so captivating that it can shift any reader beyond time and space.” Alan Cohen, author of The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and sixteen other books, describes the book as “a compelling view of higher possibilities.” Director of New Age Study of Humanity’s Purposes, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles declares, “Varnum’s method of storytelling lifts the heart and inspires the reader to connect with his or her own Divine Power.”

Inner Coach: Outer Power is for anybody who wants more love in life, who yearns for a fulfilling job or who seeks a purpose beyond the mundane. The book can jumpstart your life with new inspiration and serve as a guided tour of the innermost mysteries of your heart and mind. It can unlock the reservoir of motivation to uncap a free flow of miracles into your life.

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